My name is Brenda Bernardin, owner of Beauty Evolution, where skin care is an awakening of your passion to look and feel your absolute best.  Because there is no one else like you, Beauty Evolution will help you discover and rejuvenate your unique beauty from the inside out.  I call it, “Zen and the Art of Manifesting Beauty.”

Holistic skin care goes beyond the application of products to one's skin. It pertains to a philosophy involving the care and integration of one's entire body. This includes the belief that what is taken in physically, mentally, and emotionally affects all aspects of health, including the skin. When you honor your body as a temple with the best, you will experience a healthy beauty that comes from within.

My services produce a profound sense of renewal, rejuvenation, and revitalization.  They include skin care, massage therapy, waxing, makeup, and nutrition counseling.  The holistic product lines for skin and body that I use and recommend are among the finest available. 

I have provided information on my holistic skin care Services and Treatments, including Nutrition Counseling, and holistic skin care Products.  You will also find for inquiring minds insightful Articles .  The Frequent Questions section covers issues I often encounter.  For additional information and inspiration on creating a holistic lifestyle visit Favorite Links.  I will also tell you more About Brenda, and how to Contact Brenda.

Begin your own personal Beauty Evolution with me by calling or emailing to schedule an appointment.